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The development of mining technology and economic industrialization in Poland after World War II
emphasized the issue of occupational safety of mining and factory workers.
Consequently, the Minister of Mining and Energy established
Fabryka Sprzetu Ratunkowego i Lamp Gorniczych “FASER” S.A. in 1954,
specializing in the production of the protective and rescue equipment.
Our products protect human life and health, therefore they need to be effective and reliable in operation.
Test results decide if a new product is implemented into production.
Tests are conducted and design studios.
In addition, all our products are certified by Polish classification societies such as the
Central Institute for Labour Protection, Higher Mining Office, the Central Mining Institute,
Central Mines Rescue Station as well as the Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection.
Each product possess at least one opinion of the above mentioned institutions.
Nowadays, we fulfill our mission ”We Serve Your Safety” by offering high quality of respiratory
protective equipmentand cap lamps.
Their quality is confirmed by a number of certificates such as ISO 9001:2015, AQAP 2110:2016.
Our company has a concession of the Minister of Interior Affairs and Administration
on the production and trade of products intended for military use.

If you have any questions about the equipment we sell, please send an e-mail to: hx@faser.com.pl or faser@faser.com.pl


Catalogue „FASER”

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